Are you leaving for France already without knowing the basics of their official language? Don’t worry! Today, we will guide you through the common French phrases to help you work out your way in the most beautiful foreign land. We will discuss some basic French sentences to make daily conversations easy for you. People might mistake you for being a Frenchie if your learning skills are too good.

In this article we’ll cover these topics:

Greetings and Responses

Here are a few words and phrases you can use for a general introduction and greeting someone. 

  • Bonjour- Hello/ Good morning
  • Salut- Hello (informal)
  • Coucou- Hey there! (informal)
  • Au revoir- Goodbye
  • Excusez-moi- Excuse me
  • Merci- Thank you
  • S’il vous plaît- Please
  • De rien- Welcome
  • Comment ca va?- How are you? 
  • Ca va bien merci et toi- I am fine, thank you
  • Je m’appelle…- My name is…
  • Comment tu t’appelle- What is your name?
  • Enchanté- nice to meet you

Asking for Help

Here are some phrases to help you ask for help when in need.

  • Aidez-moi, j’ai besoin d’un médecin? (Help me, I need a doctor.)
  • Aidez-moi s’il vous plaît! (Please help me!)
  • Où est l’hôpital? (Where is the hospital)
  • Pouvez-vous m’aider (Can you help me, please?)
  • Je suis perdu (I am lost)
  • Quelqu’un a volé mes affaires (Someone stole my belongings)
  • J’ai perdu mon passeport (I lost my passport)


Here are some of the sentences you can use while you shop. They will make shopping a lot easier for you

  • Je cherche…. (I’m looking for…)
  • Je ne connais pas ma taille (I don’t know my size)
  • Combien ça coûte? (How much does it cost?)  
  • Puis-je avoir un sac? (May I have a bag?) 

Question Phrases

These are the phrases you can use to ask someone for something you don’t know or do not have. 

  • Est-ce que vous parlez anglais? (Do you speak English?)
  • Où est…? (where is ….?)
  • Avez-vous….? (Do you have…?)
  • Où sont les toilettes? (Where is the toilet?)
  • Quelle heure est-il? (What time is it?)
  • Quel temps fait-il? (How is the weather?)

Dining at Restaurants

These are the phrases that you can use when placing an order at any French restaurant. These are very easy sentences that one can learn and use.    

  • Excusez-moi . je voudrais passer une commande  (Excuse me, I would like to place an order)
  • J’aimerais voir le menu (I would like to see the menu.)   
  • Puis-je avoir un verre d’eau? (Can I get a glass of water)
  • Que me conseilleriez-vous ? (What would you recommend me)

Conversational Phrases

Now, let’s discuss some conversational phrases you can use to have basic conversations with the people you meet.

  • Thanks a lot (Merci beaucoup)
  • Désolé (Sorry)
  • Comment vas-tu? (How are you?)
  • Comment se passe ta journée? (How is your day going?)
  • Je ne comprends pas (I do not understand)
  • Je ne parle pas français. (I do not speak French)

Remarks and Reactions

Now look at the surprising reactions you can use, like the Frenchies.

  • Oh mon dieu – oh my god
  • Wow – Ouah
  • Oh really – Oh vraiment!
  • Oh my god – Oh la la!
  • Really – Ah bon?
  • Holy cow – La vache! 
  • No way – C’est pas vrai !
  • What luck – Quelle chance!
  • Good luck- Bonne chance!

Saying Goodbye

When the conversation comes to an end, there are many ways that you can use to say goodbye. Look at the following.

  • Au revoir – Goodbye 
  • A bientôt – See you soon
  • A bientôt bisous – Bye, kisses
  • À plus tard – See you 
  • Bonne journée – Have a good day !

How to Learn French Phrases?

French can look complex at times, but when you learn it in fun ways, it can be as light as reading jokes. Let us help you through learning such phrases and attain perfection. 

  • The most important way to learn these phrases is to write them down on paper and read them out loud. When you speak the language, it becomes easier to memorise and learn it quickly.
  • You can also listen to French podcasts to improve your listening skills, which will automatically help you enhance your speaking skills.
  • One more way by which you can learn short phrases is to watch videos during daily conversations and then practice them yourself at home.

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Learning French is relatively easy once you start working with the correct guidance. 

Learning French can open up a new world of opportunities, from travelling to connect with people from different cultures. 

There are several career opportunities that you can get after learning this language, and they will benefit you in every way. Plus, it’s a beautiful language! You’ve got this! Keep pushing yourself, and remember that every step counts. La Forêt will help you learn this language, and their mentors will guide you correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How can I memorize French words quickly? 

You can write these words down on a piece of paper and stick them on your study table, and every day, you can learn a new word just like that. Also, you can try to make sentences using that particular word daily. You can even use mnemonics to remember similar words, which are the same in English and French.

Is learning French easy? 

Well, this depends more on the person learning it, but yes, according to other languages, learning French can be easy, and with the right mentoring, you can even find it fun and easier. We here at La Forêt will guide you properly and will help you on the journey of learning French. 

Can French be self-taught? 

Yes, it can be self-taught, but having a mentor and guidance with you will make it easier, and La Forêt can help. You will get professionals to teach you some unique and special techniques to master this language.