TEF Canada Exam Coaching

Knowledge of French can be essential for your CRS Score (Comprehensive Ranking System) in the Canadian Express Entry system. The Canadian government places a significant emphasis on language proficiency, and candidates who have strong language skills in both English and French can earn additional points. Language proficiency can contribute a maximum of 136 points to your overall score. Points are awarded based on your scores in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for English and TEF (Test d'évaluation de français) for French. TEF Exam score measures your French language skills. If you are planning to go to Canada or Québec for higher studies you need to take the TEF Canada exam. Armed with a high TEF score you can immigrate and work anywhere in Canada. Checkout the Upcoming batches of TEF Exam Coaching. For online self-study and TEF exam E-learning platform please refer PREPMYFUTURE. A good TEF exam NCLC score is helpful if you are planning to
  • Immigrate to Canada, Quebec for higher studies or obtaining Canadian citizenship
  • Study in France
  • Obtain French nationality
La Forêt French Class is your best bet if you want to prepare and get a higher TEF Exam score. For the TEF Canada course, daily online sessions are conducted on Google Meet. The resources required for learning and practice (Text, audio and video files) will be shared online in Google Classroom. Getting a high score in TEF exam requires time and a lot of practice. This TEF prep course is designed for students targeting a CLB sore between 5 and 8. Students can achieve a higher score by practice and committed self-study. We continue to support all our students in their TEF exam preparation efforts.
  • Course highlights
    • Starts with introduction
    • Revision/Questions based on the last session
    • New lesson – Verbal and written instructions, Audio/visual lessons
    • Summary and homework
  • Requirements
    • Minimum Age: 16 years
    • Knowledge of French: For beginners. No prior knowledge of French required.
    • Accelerated coaching - Regular & sustained self-study expected
  • Duration
    • Total Duration: About 4-7 months (batch dependent)
    • No of sessions: 100-150 (batch dependent)
    • Duration of each session: 60-90 Minutes (batch dependent)
    • Mode of instruction: Online, via Google Meet.
  • Exam structure
    • Oral comprehension  - (Compréhension orale) Listening - 40 Min
    • Written comprehension (Compréhension écrite) - Reading - 60 Min
    • Oral Expression (Expression Orale) - Speaking - 2 topics - 15 Min
    • Written Expression (Expression Écrite) - Writing - 2 topics - 60 min
    • Vocabulary and syntax (lexique et syntaxe) - 30 min
All course material (Softcopy of books, PDFs, Exam preparation, Mock tests) will be provided.
  • TEF Exam Syllabus - Topics to be covered
Basics Grammar Verbs Tenses
Alphabets & numbers Partitive Article Pronominal Verbs Simple Present Tense
Pronunciation Object Pronouns Imperative (Orders) Passé Composé
Questions Prepositions Indirect Object Verbs Imparfait
Time & Date Relative Pronouns Verb + Expressions Simple Future
Gender, Articles and Plurality Conjunctions Verb + Prepositions Present Conditional
Common Phrases Demonstrative, Possessive: Adjectives and Pronouns Past Conditional
Negation Passive Voice Plus-que-parfait
Comparatives and Superlatives Indirect Speech Futur Antérieur
Adjectives Subjunctive Mood
Adverbs Infinitives: Present and Past
Present Participle and Gerund
For more information about DELF, DALF and details about French language Diploma and certification, visit TEF-Canada.

Upcoming Batches

TEF Canada Exam

Starting from : 21/09/2023
Ending on : 01/03/2024
Batch time : 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Mode : Online
Remarks : TEF Canada Exam coaching (5-month). Installments/EMI available. Call for Batch time choice.
Registration Status : Closed
Course Fee : 45,000/-
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TEF Canada Exam

Starting from : 28/09/2023
Ending on : 26/04/2024
Batch time : 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Mode : Online
Remarks : TEF Canada Exam coaching (7-month). Installments/EMI available. Call for Batch time choice.
Registration Status : Open
Course Fee : 45,000/-
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