Next batch starting on 1st February, 2024

Introduction to French

DELF A1.1 focuses on assessing basic language skills in French. It aims to encourage further progression in language proficiency. This is an online course and live sessions are held on Google Meet. All the resources required for learning (Textbooks, audio and video files) will be shared online in Google Classroom.

Course Highlights:

  • Starts with an introduction
  • Basics of French covered
  • Daily conversations in French
  • Introduction to French grammar

Course Requirements:

  • Minimum Age- 10 years
  • Knowledge of French- Not Required
  • Accelerated coaching- Regular & sustained self-study expected


  • Total Duration- 18- 20 hours
  • No. of sessions- 16 sessions
  • Mode of Instruction- Online via Google Meet
Basics Vocabulary Communication Skills Grammar
Alphabets Professions Greet a person Tenses- Present Tense( Le présent de l’indicatif), Passé Composé
Numbers (Cardinal & Ordinal) Time, Date Introduce yourself Verbs- Common verbs, First group -er verbs, Second group -ir verbs, Third group verbs
Days of the week Colors Talk about your family Pronouns- Subject Pronouns (Les pronoms sujets)
Months of the Year Family Order coffee or food Articles- (Defini,  Indefini)
Seasons House, Places Negation
Nationalities Directions Singular and Plural
Expressions and Common Words Transport Masculine and Feminine

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Introduction to French: DELF A1.1

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Batch time : 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Mode : Online
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Course Fee : 10,000/-

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