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What we do?

La Forêt French Class is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are teaching French language since 2017. More than 500 people have learnt French with us since 2017. We are partners in your journey of learning French language. Our online French language courses are designed specifically for

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially after childhood. We adopt strategies that make learning French not just exciting, but an enriching experience. We encourage our students to speak and listen to French and adopt teaching aids like

  • Roleplay with interesting real-life situations
  • Interaction with native French speakers
  • Focus on listening and speaking
  • Discussing current affairs of Francophone countries
  • Reading sessions for popular French language Literature
  • Regular updates to improve French grammar and vocabulary

If you are interested in learning French language, please visit our French language courses and upcoming batches.  


To provide a holistic platform for learning French language, culture and history for the future citizens of the world.


  •  Assist every individual student in achieving excellence in their linguistic journey.
  •  Develop a professional and structured platform for learning French language for every need. 
  • Provide interpretation and translation services. 

Student Speak

We are inspired by our students. Our biggest reward is to see them communicate confidently in French. Checkout our students’ experience with us.

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Our story (or How I became a French Teacher?) 

By Arti Goyal

Some seeds are sown in strange circumstances, the roots are not seen, but the majestic tree is for all to behold.

I never could have imagined of becoming a French Teacher. I grew up in a small town and studied in a Hindi medium school. No one knew or cared about learning any language other than English.  

Like almost everything in life, my journey to learn French language and culture started quite unexpectedly. A French couple visited India in August 2004 and stayed with us for about ten days. It was an enriching experience for both of us. They spoke very little English, but surprisingly communicating with them was easy and entertaining. Their stay ignited an urge to know more about France and its culture. I also learnt a few important lessons.

At La Foret French Classes
  • Love transcends all barriers.
  • Language helps but Communication is possible without words.
  • Body language is an international language.

In 2012 I visited France for about 15 days and stayed in Paris, Arras and Le Mans. I was mesmerized by the country and her people, the language, food and the spirit of Freedom, the love for everything nice and beautiful, and the way to live life.

On my return, I decided to learn French language and joined Alliance Française. People asked me, but I did not have an answer to their question “Why are you learning French”.

In 2015, I visited France again. This time for 3 months – with a focus to learn French language the way it is spoken in France. I traveled like a native and experienced a freedom and joie de vivre like never before. I made friends for life and realized that you can find love, friendship and mentors in the most unexpected places and circumstances.

In Jan 2016, a friend asked me to help her child with his French course at school. I did not know it then, but the affirmative was going to be seminal. This is how my journey as a French teacher started. Since then, I’ve been teaching French language to innumerable friends who found me in their search of learning French.

I still haven’t found the answer to “Why I learn French”.

Surprisingly, no-one asks the question now!!!

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