Bonjour, future French language champions! 

Are you setting your sights on the DELF A2 exam and feeling that pre-exam flutter? 

Don’t worry, mon ami(e), this is just your heroic spirit kicking in! 

Preparing for DELF A2 is an exciting journey, and with the right guidance, you’ll be speaking French like a pro in no time.

So, grab your beret (or your favorite study hat), and let’s dive into some top tips to prepare for DELF A2.

DELF A2 Exam Format and Scoring Pattern

  • Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes (not including preparation time)
  • Sections: 4 mandatory sections:
    • Listening (20 minutes, 25 points): 2 audio recordings with multiple-choice questions testing comprehension.
    • Reading (40 minutes, 25 points): 3-4 texts with various question formats (multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blanks).
    • Writing (45 minutes, 25 points): 2 short texts based on prompts (personal description, invitation, etc.).
    • Speaking (20 minutes, 25 points): Role-playing exercise and discussion of a personal topic with an examiner.
  • Passing Score: Minimum of 50 points overall and at least 5 points in each section.

Topics You Should Know

Everyday life:

  • Personal aspects: Introducing yourself, family, friends, hobbies, likes/dislikes
  • Daily routine: School/work, activities, schedules, free time
  • Social interactions: Greeting, making requests, thanking, apologizing
  • Shopping and services: Ordering food, buying things, asking for directions

Travel and leisure:

  • Travel experiences: Holidays, vacations, transportation
  • Activities and entertainment: Sports, movies, restaurants, events
  • Accommodation and amenities: Describing places, asking for information

Health and well-being:

  • Describing physical and emotional states: Feeling healthy/unwell, expressing emotions
  • Asking for and giving advice: Visiting the doctor, seeking help
  • Personal safety and emergencies: Describing situations, asking for assistance

Past and future:

  • Recounting past experiences: Travel, education, important events
  • Talking about future plans: Goals, desires, aspirations

Basic descriptions:

  • People: Appearance, personality, relationships
  • Places: Houses, towns, landmarks, landscapes
  • Objects: Colors, sizes, functions, uses

Remember this…

  • The focus is on basic communication in familiar situations.
  • Topics are relevant to everyday life and experiences.
  • You need to understand and express yourself on these topics using simple language structures.

Think in French

It sounds simple, but try to translate your thoughts into French throughout the day. This trains your brain to process information and formulate responses directly in French, giving you a fluency advantage.

Role-Play Like A Pro

Find a language partner or practice speaking with yourself by setting up mock exam scenarios. Anticipate potential questions and rehearse your responses, boosting your confidence and speaking accuracy.

Embrace Your Inner Writer 

Write short journal entries, descriptions, or dialogues every day. This strengthens your written expression skills and familiarity with various grammatical structures tested in the exam.

Time Management Mastery

Practice writing and speaking within the specific time limits allocated for each section of the exam. This prevents panic during the real test and ensures you answer all questions effectively.

Bonus Tip

Don’t underestimate the power of positive self-talk! 

Believe in your abilities, visualize your success, and celebrate your progress. A positive attitude can be a powerful motivator and stress reliever on exam day.

Remember, consistency and active practice are key. With dedication and these tips, you can prepare for DELF A2 exam and be speaking French like a champion in no time! 

For exam dates and time you can check our article The DELF & DALF Exam Dates in India for 2024

Allez, courage mes ami(e)s!

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