Bonjour, future French writing champions! 

Feeling the butterflies flutter about the DELF A2 writing test? 

Don’t sweat it, mon ami(e)! With a sprinkle of French flair and some handy tips, you’ll be composing like a pro in no time.

In this article we’ll cover:

Secrets to Ace the DELF A2 writing test:

Knowing the Game Plan: Time and Format

Time: You’ll have 45 minutes to write 2 short texts based on prompts (don’t worry, they’re not essays!).

Format: Expect prompts like describing yourself, writing an email to a friend, or inviting someone to an event.

Your Mission

Express yourself clearly and grammatically: Show off your understanding of basic French sentence structure and vocabulary.

Follow the prompt: Stick to the topic and format requested in the instructions.

Organize your thoughts: Write fluently and logically, connecting your ideas coherently.

Scoring Secrets

Each of your writing tasks is graded out of 25 points – exercise 1 is for 13 points and exercise 2 is for 12 points, contributing to your overall DELF A2 score. You can find the scoring grid as per the new format here.

You’ll be assessed on grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and organization.

Topic Time Machine

The topics relate to everyday situations you might encounter, like describing your hobbies, writing a thank-you note, or inviting someone to a movie.

No worries about complex themes or historical debates!

Unleash Your Inner Scribe

Practice like a pro: Find sample tests online or create your own prompts to practice writing within the time limit.

Grammar & vocab boost: Brush up on essential grammar rules and learn key vocabulary relevant to the topics covered.

Be a French detective: Read French articles, blogs, and even children’s books to soak up natural language usage.

Find a buddy: Write with a language partner and exchange feedback to improve your writing style.

Topics That Can Be Asked

1. Personal Descriptions:

Write a short description of yourself, your hobbies, your family, or your daily routine.

Describe a special place you’ve visited or a memorable event you experienced.

2. Social Interactions:

Write an email to a friend inviting them to an event, thanking them for something, or simply sharing news.

Write a short message apologizing for something, making a request, or offering help.

3. Short Narratives:

Write a brief story about a personal experience, a funny anecdote, or a made-up adventure.

Describe a picture or a scene based on provided details.

4. Opinions and Preferences:

Write a short paragraph expressing your opinion on a current event, a movie you’ve seen, or your favorite book.

Compare and contrast two things, like your hometown and a city you’ve visited.


The prompts will always be in French, but you have the freedom to express yourself creatively within the given theme.

Pay attention to the format and word count specified in the prompt.

Focus on using a variety of vocabulary and basic grammar structures correctly.

Proofread your writing before submitting to ensure clarity and correct spelling.

Essential Resources for Your DELF A2 Writing Test

Official Guide:

France Education International (FEI): Dive into official sample papers and expert preparation tips directly from the DELF source.

Interactive Practice:

Kwiziq: Tackle writing prompts similar to the actual exam with this A2-specific course. Get personalized feedback and fine-tune your skills.

La Fôret DELF Prep course: You can also join our DELF A2 Prep course to master yourself. 

Strategies & Exercises:

DELF A2 100 % réussite: This book equips you with targeted practice exercises and essential strategies for the writing section, helping you master format, grammar, and vocabulary.

Don’t Forget to Remember:

Consistency is key! Practice regularly and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Believe in yourself! You have the potential to write amazing French.

Enjoy the process! Learning a language should be fun and rewarding.

You got this, courage! With dedication and these tips, you’ll be writing like a DELF A2 champion in no time! Remember, you’ve got this!