The e-TEF Canada tentative dates have been announced for the 2024 session.

The Test d’Evaluation de Français is a French proficiency test recognized by the Canadian Government for immigration and citizenship purposes. It comprises 5 predominant modules that are scored separately. It is important for individuals considering immigration to Canada to check the specific language proficiency requirements for their immigration category and ensure that they meet the criteria. 

Note: The table below is purely tentative. Cities marked with TBD may or may not be designated as e-TEF exam centers. Confirm with the respective Alliance Française.

For links to specific exam centers, visit the official website.

Exam DateCentreRegistration PeriodFees (Rs.)Official Website Link
19th Jul 2024Ahmedabad13th Jul 202424,780https://ahmedabad.
2nd Aug 202426th July 2024
23rd Aug 202416th Aug 2024
Check websiteBengalBegins from 1st Jul 202424,780
4th Jul 2024Bhopal28th Jul 202424,780
18th Jul 202412th Jul 2024
1st Aug 202426th Jul 2024
14th Aug 20248th Aug 2024
4th Sept 202429th Aug 2024
19th Sept  202413th Sept 2024
3rd Oct 202427th Sept 2024
10th Oct 20244th Oct 2024
10th Aug 2024Madras3rd Jul 2024 – 12th Jul 202424,780
24th Aug 202415th Jul 2024 – 27th Jul 2024
5th Oct 202431st Aug 2024 – 9th Sep 2024
26th Oct 202430th Sep 2024 – 9th Oct 2024
16th Nov 202423th Oct 2024 – 2nd Nov 2024
16th Jul 2024HyderabadEnds on 9th Jul 202424,780
6th Aug 2024Ends on 30th Jul 2024
13th Jul 2024Mumbai1st Jun 2024 – 3rd Jul 202424,780
27th Jul 20241st Jun 2024 – 3rd Jul 2024
10th Aug 20241st Jun 2024 – 1st Aug 2024
24th Aug 20241st Jun 2024 – 1st Aug 2024
14th Sep 20241st Jun 2024 – 4th Sep 2024
28th Sep 20241st Jun 2024 – 4th Sep 2024
5th Oct 20241st Sep 2024 – 25th Sep 2024
26th Oct 20241st Sep 2024 – 25th Sep 2024
9th Nov 20241st Sep 2024 – 1st Nov 2024
23rd Nov 20241st Sep 2024 – 1st Nov 2024
14th Dec 20241st Sep 2024 – 4th Dec 2024
19th Jun 2024Pune6th May 2024 – 2nd Jun 202424,780
24th Jul 20243rd Jun 2024 – 7th Jul 2024
21st Aug 20248th Jul 2024 – 4th Aug 2024
25th Sep 20245th Aug 2024 – 8th Sep 2024
23rd Oct 20249th Sep 2024 – 6th Oct 2024
20th Nov 20247th Oct 2024 – 3rd Nov 2024
18th Dec 20244th Nov 2024 – 1st Dec 2024

Here are a few important disclaimers for e-TEF Canada 2024 sessions:

1. Validity of e-TEF Certifications: The e-TEF certifications are valid for 2 years from the date of result declaration.

2. Exam Pattern Subject to Changes: Candidates are advised to regularly check for updates on the exam pattern, as it is subject to changes.

3. Authorized Exam Centers: Currently, only Alliance Française centers in India are authorized to conduct e-TEF exams. Please verify the official list of centers.

4. Non-Refundable Exam Fees: The exam fees are non-refundable, so candidates are urged to confirm their eligibility and preparedness before registering.

5. Age Requirement: Candidates must be over the age of 16 years to be eligible to take the e-TEF exam.

6. Computer-Based Examination: The TEF examination is exclusively computer-based. Ensure you have a basic understanding of computer use before attempting the test.

7. Branch-Specific Exam Availability: TEF exams are not conducted at all Alliance Français branches. Each branch may have its own set of dates and timings, subject to change. 

8. Center Selection and Availability: Candidates are advised to note the closest Alliance Français center, but be aware that each center has specific slots available. Allocation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

9. Registration Options: Registration for the e-TEF exam can be completed online or in person. Visit the official website for detailed information and ensure you have all the necessary documents.

10. Tentative Dates: The provided dates are tentative, and additional dates will be released in due course. Please stay updated for the latest information.

Remember to verify the latest information from official sources to stay informed about any changes or updates related to the e-TEF Canada 2024 sessions.

For more information visit here: TEF Canada