One of the best ways to learn French is by watching French films and TV shows. This lets you hear real conversations and common phrases. It also helps you understand French culture, including its humor, traditions, and social rules. Watching these shows improves your pronunciation, expands your vocabulary, and helps you understand spoken French better. You also get to learn about different accents, slang, and the rhythm of the language. All these skills are important for becoming fluent in French.

1. Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent!)

“Dix Pour Cent” follows agents at ASK, a talent agency in Paris, as they manage celebrities. In each episode, a real French celebrity plays themselves. They mix real life with fiction for a touching and funny look at the entertainment industry. The show balances personal and work problems to create an interesting story. It also gives a glimpse into the beautiful but tough world of entertainment. It highlights the behind-the-scenes drama and the challenges faced by both actors and agents.

2. Affaire de famille (Family Business)

In the movie “Family Business,” a bankrupt businessman finds out that marijuana will soon be legal in France. He convinces his family to turn their butcher shop into Paris’s first cannabis café. The comedy series mixes humor with family dynamics as they face challenges with their new business. It humorously and charmingly shows the struggles of starting a new company and the importance of family support. The show is funny and culturally interesting, highlighting the quirks of French family life and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

3. Lupin

“Lupin” is about Assane Diop, who wants to get revenge for his father’s wrongful conviction. Inspired by the famous thief Arsène Lupin, Assane uses his skills in disguise and theft. He pulls off heists and uncovers secrets while avoiding the police. The series mixes action, mystery, and clever twists. It’s exciting to watch because it focuses on themes like justice, cleverness, and resilience. The show also looks at issues like class inequality and racial prejudice. It gives a deeper view of modern French society.

4. La table du chef (Chef’s Table)

“La table du chef” shows the kitchens and lives of famous French chefs. It’s a treat for the senses and celebrates French food. The series talks about their cooking ideas. It discusses how they come up with new dishes and the stories behind their famous meals. If you enjoy food, you’ll love watching it because it shows how much chefs love what they do. It also shows how important food is to French culture, and how it’s a big part of who they are.

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5. Gouttes de Dieu (Drops of God)

The story of “Gouttes de Dieu” is about a young woman. She competes in a wine-tasting contest to win her father’s large wine collection after his divorce. The show explores the world of fine wines, family rivalries, and personal growth. It tells a meaningful story set in the French wine industry. It shows the intricate world of wine tasting and how individuals find themselves and make peace. Along with teaching about wine, the show talks about themes like identity, legacy, and the bond between parents and children.

6. Plan Coeur (The Hook Up Plan)

In the romantic comedy “Plan Coeur,” a woman in Paris struggles to get over her ex-boyfriend. To help her find love and feel better about herself, her friends hire a male escort for her. The funny movie looks at romance, friendship, and the ups and downs of modern love. It gives a sweet and light-hearted view of dating nowadays. It talks about the challenges of being in a serious relationship. Also, it shows the busy and sometimes crazy lives of young people in Paris. This makes it interesting and easy to relate to for viewers.

7. En Place (Represent)

“En Place” tells the story of a young, charming teacher who unexpectedly becomes a candidate for the French presidency. He has to figure out how to stay true to his beliefs. He’s dealing with the tough world of politics. The show gives a clever and funny view of life in France today. It talks about big changes in society, wanting to be a politician, and doing what’s right. It’s interesting and fun to watch. And it helps people understand more about how politics works in France. It has a realistic but funny take on political life.

8. Garçons d’escorte (Escort Boys)

“Garçons d’escorte” shows the challenges male escorts in Paris go through in their lives and jobs. The show mixes drama with personal moments. It gives a real look at their relationships, struggles, and what it’s like to be an escort. It’s a genuine and honest portrayal of a part of life in Paris that many people don’t know about. The series talks about resilience and how people relate to each other. It’s interesting and draws you in, talking about things like who you are, being accepted, and finding happiness.


Watching French TV shows can really help you learn the language better. These shows use real French conversations and teach you about French culture and humor. This blog talks about different French series. These shows are not only fun to watch but also teach you about French life. By watching these shows, you can understand French better and learn more about French culture. If you want to learn French through blogs, check out La Foret French Class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good French films?

Yes, the creative quality and variety of French movies are well known. Movies like “Amélie,” “La Haine,” and “The Intouchables” are excellent for language study as well as enjoyment since they provide gripping stories and cultural insights. For everyone interested in French culture, these films are a must-watch since they demonstrate the ingenuity and nuance of French cinema.

What do French people watch?

A blend of international and local programming is popular with French viewers. Alongside foreign hits and vintage French films, popular French television shows like “Dix Pour Cent” and “Lupin” are extensively viewed, demonstrating a vast range of entertainment preferences. Furthermore, programmes such as “La Forêt” give an in-depth exploration of local customs and socioeconomic concerns, providing audiences with a diverse and abundant media environment.

What Netflix series was filmed in Paris?

Paris serves as the filming location for multiple Netflix programmes, such as “Emily in Paris” and “Lupin.” The captivating plots of these television shows are set against a stunning backdrop that highlights the city’s famous buildings and lively culture. With its distinct charm and historical significance, Paris is the ideal backdrop for these well-known programmes, drawing viewers from all over the world with its allure and romance.