French is a vital language globally, spoken by millions. Learning French opens doors to diverse cultures, enhancing travel experiences and job opportunities. With active practice, mastering French can be an exciting journey, enriching personal and professional life. In Kerala, this importance has increased due to its growing international connections and tourism industry. French proficiency in Kerala can lead to better job opportunities in sectors like hospitality, tourism, and international trade. In this article we’ll discuss the top french language classes in Kerala. 

1. La Forêt French Class

La Forêt French Class offers a comprehensive range of French language courses catering to diverse learners, from beginners to advanced students. Their programs, available in both online and in-person formats, cover grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural aspects. They specialize in preparing students for DELF and TEF exams, crucial for immigration and academic purposes. 

La Forêt’s experienced instructors create a supportive and engaging learning environment, focusing on real-life scenarios, interaction with native speakers, and discussions on current French-speaking world affairs. Their services extend to school students following ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE boards, as well as anyone interested in learning French. With a commitment to effective teaching methods and personalized attention, La Forêt stands as a reputable choice for those seeking to master the French language.

Course duration: 40 hours to 250 hours

Batch size: 5-7 Students


Contact Number: 97732 01465


2. Alliance Française de Trivandrum 

Alliance Française de Trivandrum is the premier French language and cultural center in Kerala, recognized by the French Embassy. They offer a variety of courses for adults, teenagers, and children, along with internationally recognized diplomas like DELF, DALF, and certifications such as TCF and TEFAQ. Their highly qualified teachers use the latest methods to ensure effective learning. They also serve as a vibrant cultural hub, hosting concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and movie screenings. 

Course duration: 60 Hours – 100+ Hours

Batch size: 20-22 Students 

3. Excel Academy 

Excel Academy is a leading foreign language training center in Kochi. They offer comprehensive French language courses for those looking to build a basic understanding of the language. With native French teachers, they provide top-notch French speaking classes. Courses range from CEFR Level A1 to C2, catering to all proficiency levels. Excel Academy also offers crash and extended courses, individual tuition, and free practice sessions. They are well-known for enhancing French language skills in a fun and engaging way, making them a top choice for French learning. 

Course duration: NA

Batch size: 4-6 Students 

4. Le Maple 

Le Maple Academy of French in Trivandrum, Kerala, offers French classes for beginners and intermediate learners, catering to both students and professionals. Their courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and include levels A1 to B2. Small class sizes, flexible schedules, and professional trainers, provide students with personalized attention. Le Maple Academy provides both online and in-person classes at affordable rates, ensuring a stress-free and fun learning environment. 

Course duration: 4 Weeks – 10 Weeks

Batch size: 5-10 Students

5. Western European Language Institute 

The Western European Language Institute tailors French courses at levels A1, A2, and B1, following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Their personalized training with state-of-the-art methods aids learners in becoming independent. Students are prepared for globally recognized exams, ensuring proficiency in French. The institute also assists school children in mastering this refined language, known for its cultural significance. Recognizing French as a major global language next to English, the institute helps students appreciate its beauty and utility, enhancing their language skills for future opportunities.

Course duration: NA

Batch size: 5-10 Studensts

6. Newpolyglots Language Academy 

Newpolyglots Language Academy offers intensive courses on DELF A1, A2, B1, and B2, as well as TEF Canada, TEFAQ, TCF Canada, and TCFAQ. French, known for its beauty and elegance. They provide training for various levels of DELF and DALF exams, TEF for French citizenship, and TEF Canada/TCF Canada for Canadian immigration. Aligned with the CEFR, their courses ensure thorough language proficiency, making them a leading language training organization in India.

Course duration: 1.5 Months to 4 Months

Batch size: NA

7. Anglo-French Academy 

The Anglo-French Academy offers comprehensive French coaching for beginners to advanced levels, serving students and professionals preparing to move to Canada or France. Their courses include free study materials for online and offline classes. They provide training for DELF and DALF exams (A1 to B2 levels), TEF, and TCF, alongside French tuition for school and college students following the CBSE syllabus. Established in 1998, the academy emphasizes communicative learning and guarantees results with a focus on reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills.

8. Kochiva Linguistics 

Kochiva offers online French language courses with international certification, taught by skilled C1/C2 level trainers. Classes prepare for exams like DELF, DALF, and TCF. Their structured courses cover reading, pronunciation, grammar, writing, speaking, and listening skills, focusing on self-presentation, daily questions, vocabulary, and basic forms. Courses are available at different levels (A1 to C2) with different durations. Online classes provide personalized attention, and Kochiva offers placement assistance post-course. They also offer French courses for kids, focusing on language essentials, cultural awareness, and daily communication.

Course duration: 50 Hours – 80 Hours 

Batch size: 8-10 Students

Benefits of Learning French Language

Career Opportunities: Knowing French can boost your job prospects in multinational companies, especially those with ties to French-speaking countries.

Travel: French is spoken in many countries, making travel easier and more enjoyable.

Cultural Enrichment: Learning French gives you access to a rich world of literature, films, music, and art.

Education: Many top universities are in French-speaking countries. Knowing French can open doors to higher education opportunities.

Cognitive Benefits: Learning a new language improves memory, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

Networking: Connect with millions of French speakers worldwide, enhancing your personal and professional network.


Learning French opens doors to diverse cultures, career opportunities, and enriching experiences. Choosing the right institute is crucial for effective learning. Seek institutes offering thorough courses following the CEFR, skilled native-speaking trainers, small class sizes for personalized attention, and a focus on practical skills like speaking, listening, and cultural engagement. La Forêt shines as the top choice for learning French, thanks to its thorough courses, skilled native-speaking instructors, personalized attention with small class sizes, and emphasis on practical skills and cultural engagement, guaranteeing a rewarding learning journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which French language course is best?

The best French language course depends on your needs and goals. For beginners, immersive courses that focus on speaking and listening are ideal. Advanced learners might prefer specialized courses like business French. Consider your schedule, budget, and learning style when choosing.

Is French easy to learn?

French can be easy to learn with the right tools and motivation. Its grammar and vocabulary have similarities to English, which can help. Using apps, taking classes, and practicing with native speakers will make learning more accessible and enjoyable. Stay consistent, and you’ll make steady progress.

Can I learn French in 1 month?

Learning basic French in one month is possible if you dedicate significant time and effort. Focus on essential phrases, vocabulary, and daily practice. Intensive courses, language apps, and immersion techniques can help you make quick progress, though fluency will take longer.

Is French in demand in India?

Yes, French is in demand in India. Many multinational companies seek employees who speak French due to business ties with French-speaking countries. Additionally, learning French opens up opportunities in tourism, hospitality, education, and translation services. It enhances career prospects and cultural understanding.