This is an intermediate course that requires a fairly good prior knowledge of French. After completing this course you gain confidence and become independent French speaker.  This course also prepares you for the DELF B1 Exam. DELF B1 is required to obtain French nationality and significantly improves your prospects for employment and immigration purposes. This is an online course and daily sessions will be conducted on Google Meet. The resources required for learning and practice (Text, audio and video files) will be shared online.
  • Course highlights
    • Starts with introduction
    •  Revision/Questions based on the last session
    • New lesson – Verbal and written instructions, Audio/visual lessons
    • Summary and homework
  • Requirements
    • Minimum Age: 17 years
    • Knowledge of French: Candidate should have a sound knowledge of French (DELF A2 level)
  • Description
    • Total Duration: 100 Hours
    • No of sessions: 60 (Monday to Friday)
    • Duration of each session: 60 – 90 Minutes
    • Mode of instruction: Online, on Google meet.
  • Syllabus
Vocabulary Basics Communication Grammar
Commerce and economy Social problems Expressing sentiments and interests Cause and consequqnce  (La cause et la conséquence)
Sport Social profile Expression of intentions and doubts Hypothesis (L’hypothèse) 
Lodgement (Le logement) Science and technology Descibring an event in detail Adverbs (les adverbs)
Art Art Describing an experience in detail Active-Passive 
Village and urban life Expressions on health Dicussion regarding education and career Double pronouns (les doubles pronoms)
Community Revolution Discussions and debates L’opposition et la concession
Politics Fashion Talk about the future and evolution  Expression of objective and desire (L’expression du but et le désir) 
Climate and geography Writing a formal letter Description of tradition and culture  Possessive pronouns (le mien,  le tien..)
Profession and career Writing a descriptive text Past tense (detail)
Neologisme Writing an article Conditional past (le conditionnel passé)
L’étymologie Write a C.V. Futur anterior (Le future antérieur)
Write synopsis of a film Anteriority, Simultaneity and posteriority
Utilisation of previous grammatical concepts
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Upcoming Batches


Starting from : 14/12/2023
Ending on : 14/02/2024
Batch time : 8:30 am to 10:00 am
Mode : Online
Remarks : Live sessions will be conducted 5 days a week (Mon to Fri), on Google Meet.
Registration Status : Open
Course Fee : 26,000/-

GST (18%) applicable on above cost.

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