Learning bird names in French expands your vocabulary and enhances language skills. This article will cover various bird categories, providing their French names and pronunciations to aid in your language learning journey.

Common Birds in French

Here is a table of common birds, their names in French, and their pronunciations:

Bird French NamePronunciation
Parakeet Perruche peh-roosh
Zebra FinchDiamant mandarindee-ah-mahn mahn-dah-ran
Gouldian FinchDiamant de Goulddee-ah-mahn duh goold
Canary Canari Kah-nah-ree
Cockatiel Calopsitte kah-loh-peet 
Lovebird Inséparable an-say-pah-ra-bluh
Budgerigar Perruche onduléepeh-roosh ohn-dyoo-lay
Cockatoo Cacatoès kah-kah-toh-eh
Macaw Ara ah-rah 
Common Birds in French

Common Pet Birds

Here is a table of common pet birds, their names in French, and their pronunciations:

Bird French NamePronunciation
Swallow Hirondelle ee-ron-del
BlackbirdMerle mehrl 
Woodpecker Pic peek 
Seagull Mouette moo-et 
Common Pet Birds

Migratory Birds in French

Migratory birds exhibit a fascinating nature, undertaking long journeys between breeding and wintering grounds. Their incredible navigation skills and endurance are awe-inspiring. Here is a table of migratory birds, their French names, and their pronunciations:

Bird French NamePronunciation
Albatross Albatros al-bah-tros
Duck Canard kah-nar
Goose Oie wah 
Stork Cigogne see-gohn
Sandpiper Bécasseau bay-kah-soh
Warbler Fauvette foh-ve
Crane Grue gruh 
Tern Sterne stehrn 
Osprey Balbuzard bahl-boo-zar
Plover Pluvier ploo-vyay
Migratory Birds

Wild/Exotic Birds in French

Introducing wild and exotic birds can expand your vocabulary and provide insight into the diverse avian world. Here is a table of exotic bird species, their French names, and their pronunciations:

Bird French NamePronunciation
Flamingo Flamant flah-mahn
Eagle Aigle eh-gl
Toucan Toucan too-kahn
Peacock Paon pahn 
Pelican Pélican pay-lee-kahn
Ostrich Autruche oh-troosh
KingfisherMartin-pêcheur mar-tan pay-shur 
Hummingbird Colibri koh-lee-bree
Heron Héron ay-rohn
Condor Condor kon-dor
Wild/Exotic Birds in French

Flightless Birds in French

Flightless birds are fascinating species that have evolved without the ability to fly, often adapting to their environments with strong legs and other unique traits. Here is a table of flightless birds, their French names, and their pronunciations:

Bird French NamePronunciation
Emu Émeu eh-muh
Penguin Manchot mahn-shoh
Turkey Dindon dan-don
Kiwi Kiwi kee-wee
Cassowary Casoar kah-soo-ar
Rhea Nandou nahn-doo
Kakapo Strigops kakapostree-gohps kah-kah-poh
Flightless CormorantCormoran aptèrekor-moh-rahn ap-tair
Steamer DuckCanard vapeurkah-nar vah-puhr
Galapagos RailRâle des Galápagosrahl day gal-ah-pah-gohs
Flightless Birds

Bird-Related Idioms in French

Here are five bird-related idioms, their usage, and translations:

IdiomTranslationEnglish equivalentUsage
Quand les poules auront des dentsWhen hens have teethWhen pigs flyUsed to indicate that something will never happen
Avoir un appétit d’oiseauTo have a bird’s appetiteTo eat like a birdDescribes someone who eats very little
Être comme un coq en pâteTo be like a rooster in doughTo be as snug as a bug in a rugDescribes someone who is very comfortable and well cared for
Faire d’une pierre deux coupsTo make two hits with one stoneTo kill two birds with one stoneDescribes achieving two goals with a single effort
Être le dindon de la farceTo be the turkey of the farcTo be the laughing stockDescribes someone who is the butt of a joke or who has been tricked

Final Thought 

Learning bird names in French enhances vocabulary and language skills. Continue expanding your vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. Mastering these terms is a step towards greater fluency. For more French vocabulary, check our article on Animals in French.

Frequently Asked Questions

What birds are unique to France?

Unique birds to France include the Corsican Nuthatch, found only on the island of Corsica. For more information on French birds and to expand your vocabulary, visit the La Forêt blog on Animals in French.

How many birds are in France?

France is home to over 570 bird species, ranging from common to rare. This diverse avian population makes it a great place for birdwatchers. 

What is the largest bird in France?

The largest bird in France is the Great Bustard, which can weigh up to 18 kilograms. It’s a rare sight, adding to the allure of birdwatching in France. Learn more about French bird species on https://www.frenchclass.in/ on Animals in French.

What is France’s national bird?

France’s national bird is the Gallic Rooster, a symbol of courage and resilience. This iconic bird is deeply rooted in French culture. For more fascinating details about French birds, visit the La Forêt blog on Animals in French.