French films and shows are a treasure trove for language learners. They immerse you in everyday speech, improving your listening and vocabulary. You’ll pick up natural French rhythms and pronunciation too. But it’s not just words! Pop culture references, humour, and social situations all come alive, giving you a window into French culture. You’ll understand inside jokes, historical references, and heritage-based traditions, making your French fluency richer and more nuanced.

French Movies

1. Le Ballon rouge (The Red Balloon)

A French children’s classic about a boy named Pascal who discovers a red balloon with a mind of its own. They explore Paris together, facing both wonder and challenges. The film is visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

2. La Guerre des boutons (War of the Buttons)

In war-torn France, children from two villages engage in button-stealing battles. Their games, inspired by war and films, turn dark when one suggests using gas. The story reflects the impact of war on their innocent play.

3. Les Choristes (The Chorus)

Set in a strict 1940s French boarding school, new supervisor Clément Mathieu clashes with the headmaster and forms a choir, transforming the lives of troubled students Pépinot and Pierre Morhange. The story highlights the lasting impact of compassion and music.

4. Le Château de ma Mère (My Mother’s Castle)

Young Marcel, enchanted by the French countryside, spends weekends in Provence with his family. Their adventures include a risky shortcut and a run-in with the law. Years later, Marcel buys a house in the area, cherishing the memories.

5. Le Papillon (The Butterfly)

A lonely girl, Elsa, forms an unlikely friendship with a grumpy widower, Julien, during a butterfly-hunting trip in the Alps. Despite misunderstandings, their bond grows, teaching them valuable lessons about companionship and understanding.

6. Ernest et Célestine (Ernest & Celestine)

A young mouse artist, Celestine, and a struggling bear musician, Ernest, form an unlikely friendship. Despite societal norms, their bond proves that friendship can bridge even the biggest divides.

7. Belle et Sébastien (Belle and Sebastian)

In the French Alps, orphaned Sebastian befriends Belle, a wild mountain dog. Their secret bond leads to adventures and highlights the power of friendship against a breathtaking backdrop.

8. Les Malheurs de Sophie (Sophie’s Misfortunes)

Sophie’s mischievous adventures in the French countryside often lead to trouble, accompanied by her cousin Paul. Each chapter offers a moral lesson as Sophie learns from her escapades.

9. Le Petit Nicolas

Nicholas, fearing he’ll lose his parents’ attention due to a misunderstood conversation about a new sibling, enlists his friends in comical attempts to stay in the spotlight. The film humorously explores childhood anxieties.

10. Un monstre à Paris (A Monster in Paris)

A giant singing flea named Francoeur, created by a botanical accident, is hidden by friends Emile and Raoul. With the help of cabaret singer Lucille, they protect Francoeur from a scheming police chief, leading to a heartwarming adventure.


Movies make learning French fun! They engage kids with natural spoken French, helping with pronunciation, common phrases, and cultural insights. Captivating stories and animations make the process enjoyable.

Kids can recognize phrases from class and infer the meanings of new words through context, organically expanding their vocabulary. Watching movies is a delightful and effective way to enhance traditional learning methods by immersing children in the language and culture. So, put on a French film, grab some popcorn, and watch their French skills flourish!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is French easy for kids?

Mastering a new language can feel like climbing a mountain for children. Complex grammar rules and unfamiliar vocabulary can quickly lead to frustration. La Forêt French Class steps in as the friendly guide, transforming this uphill battle into an exciting adventure. Their engaging methods replace rote memorization with fun activities and interactive exercises, making language learning a joyful journey for young minds.

2. How can I teach my child French at home?

There are many ways to bring French learning to life at home! La Forêt French Class offers engaging online classes designed specifically for children. Their program makes learning French easy and enjoyable for both you and your child.

3. Does Netflix have old French movies?

Great to hear you’re interested in French movies! Netflix offers a good selection, including various genres. You can search for “French movies” or browse categories like “French Films” under “Explore.”

Looking for specific recommendations? We’re working on an article which will have a curated list of movies on Netflix. Coming soon..

4. Can kids learn French from watching TV?

Of course, French TV series and films can be an excellent means of teaching children the language. They’ll learn pronunciation and common phrases as they hear spoken French at a natural pace. It’s also enjoyable! Interesting narratives provide studying an exciting sense of adventure.