Learning an additional language like French goes beyond mere communication. It offers a plethora of benefits and can significantly impact future careers and opportunities. These classes not only teach language skills but also immerse learners in a new cultural perspective, enhancing their global awareness and adaptability. Learning French from an institute will make the language learning process a lot easier for you. In this article we’ve listed the top French classes in India for you. Continue reading to learn all about them…

1. La Forêt French Class

Since 2017, La Forêt French Class has empowered over 1000 learners with tailored courses designed for diverse needs. From TEF Canada Exam preparation to DELF certification courses (A1 to B2 levels) and specialized classes for school students, we cater to enthusiasts and professionals alike. What sets La Forêt apart is our immersive approach. We bring real-life scenarios, native speaker interactions, literature exploration, and continuous grammar and vocabulary enhancements into every lesson. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention and interaction, blending traditional teaching methods with contemporary strategies for successful learning.

Whether you’re a beginner or aiming for advanced proficiency, La Forêt promises a smooth language journey with experienced instructors. Unlock a world of linguistic and cultural exploration with La Forêt French Class today!

Course duration : 40 hours to 250 hours

Batch size: 5-7

Website: www.frenchclass.in

Contact Number: +91 97732 01465

 Email: admin@frenchclass.in

2. Alliance Francaise 

The Alliance Française, established in 1884, is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes for learning French globally. It offers comprehensive French language courses across six levels, emphasizing practical skills, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural immersion. Unique features include its focus on cultural activities like plays and movie screenings in French, access to a well-stocked library, and partnerships that promote French language and culture in India. Its standout factor is the extensive cultural engagement alongside language learning, setting it apart from other institutes.

Course duration: 60 hours – 100+ hours

Batch size: 20-22 Students 

3. School Of French 

The School of French in Delhi is a premier institute for French language learning, known for its high-quality courses from beginner to advanced levels. It stands out with small group classes, interactive learning, and practical teaching methods led by highly skilled trainers. The institute’s focus on conversational skills through role-play, discussions, and audio-visual aids sets it apart. Small class sizes foster active participation and personalized attention, while a comprehensive syllabus and strong student support ensure effective learning. This dedication to quality education and student-centered approach distinguishes the School of French as a top choice for language learners in India.

Course duration: 6 Months

Batch size: Avg. 8 Students

4. ILSC (International Language Schools of Canada) 

The International Language School of Canada (ILSC) in New Delhi is a renowned institution for learning French, recognized both in India and globally. It stands out for its focus on not just teaching the language but also delving into the cultural background, offering a holistic learning experience. With branches in major cities worldwide, including Delhi, Vancouver, Toronto, and others, ILSC provides professional training, project-based learning, and a curriculum designed to spark curiosity and enthusiasm among students. What sets ILSC apart is its emphasis on cultural immersion, practical language implementation, and personalized learning paths, making it a top choice for language enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive and engaging French learning experience.

Course duration: 1 Weeks -52 Weeks

Batch size: 15-16 Students 

5. Oracle International Language Institute 

Oracle International Language Institute offers a comprehensive range of language courses, including French, with a focus on overall language understanding, fluency, grammar, and cultural knowledge. They employ small batches for personalized attention, regular assessments, and interactive teaching methods like role plays and case studies. What sets them apart is their flexible batch timings for various demographics, a positive learning environment, and a 360-degree feedback mechanism for student improvement. Their extensive levels of proficiency training, from basic to advanced, make them stand out in language education.

Course duration: 2-3 months

Batch size: 10-12 Students 

6. Kochiva Linguistics 

Kochiva is an upskilling platform offering industry-oriented online LIVE courses, including top-notch French language courses with placement assistance. Their curriculum covers A1 to C2 levels, focusing on practical skills and exam preparation. Kochiva stands out for its small class sizes, experienced trainers, and international certification. They offer extensive online courses with innovative teaching methods, providing a rich linguistic and cultural experience. Kochiva’s differentiation lies in its tailored industry-focused approach, while Alliance Française excels in comprehensive cultural and linguistic immersion.

Course duration: 50-80 hours

Batch size: 8-12 Students 

7. Henry Harvin Language Academy 

Henry Harvin Language Academy stands out as a premier destination for French language enthusiasts in India. Their comprehensive French language course is a nine-in-one bundle, offering training, projects, certifications, internships, boot camps, and more, all aligned with the European Framework. This user-friendly platform provides a structured approach from beginner to proficient levels (A1 to C2), ensuring mastery in speaking and writing French. With 24/7 lifetime support, hands-on training, and a 100% money-back guarantee, Henry Harvin ensures a rewarding and immersive learning experience unmatched by others in the industry.

Course duration: 30 hours – 60 hours

Batch size: 2-10, 11-50 students

8. Multi bhashi 

Multibhashi is an innovative online language learning platform offering live video classes in over 35 languages, including Indian, English, and foreign languages like French. Their holistic approach ensures quick learning, with self-evaluation tools and certificates provided. Trainers are selected based on CEFR guidelines, undergo rigorous testing, and receive ongoing training for a seamless learning experience. What sets Multibhashi apart is its use of audio-visual methods, cloud-based learning systems, and interactive tools like gamification, making language learning enjoyable and effective for users.

Course duration: NA 

Batch size: NA 

9. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages 

The Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFL) stands out for its flexibility in offering French classes online, catering to learners from beginner to advanced levels (A1 – C2) with adherence to CEFR standards. With over 8 years of experience and membership in the European Language Council, IIFL ensures quality education aligned with recognized language proficiency standards. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, supplemented by multimedia resources and interactive exercises. Unlike many institutes, IIFL emphasizes practical conversation skills and provides a fun yet challenging learning environment for students of all ages, making language learning an engaging experience.

Course duration: Few months to two years

Batch size: 8 students

10. Cosmolingua 

Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages in Delhi is a premier institute offering a wide range of language courses, including French, along with European, Asian, and Indian languages. Their focus is on creating professionals through high-tech audio-visual aids, free internet access, and levels from beginner to advanced. What sets them apart is their emphasis on practical, communicative teaching methods and their commitment to facilitating intercultural communication at national and international levels. Their strategic location, modern infrastructure, and expert trainers make them stand out in language education.

Course duration: 3 Months – 18 Months.

Batch size: 7–10 students

Career Options After Learning French in india 

  • Multinational Employment: Fluent French speakers can explore job opportunities in multinational companies operating in India or abroad, especially in sectors like tourism, hospitality, and international business.
  • Interpreter or Translator: Skilled language professionals can work as interpreters or translators, aiding in communication between French-speaking individuals and local businesses, government agencies, or international organizations.
  • Language Trainer: Proficient French speakers can become language instructors or trainers, teaching French to students, professionals, or travelers either independently or in language institutes.
  • Cultural Liaison: Cultural enthusiasts can work as cultural liaisons, promoting French culture, organizing events, or facilitating cross-cultural exchanges between India and French-speaking nations.
  • Embassy or Consulate Jobs: Individuals with advanced proficiency may explore opportunities in embassies or consulates, handling diplomatic communications, visa services, or cultural affairs.


Exploring the best French classes in India unveils a world of linguistic and cultural enrichment. These classes not only enhance communication skills but also open doors to diverse career paths in multinational companies, translation services, education, and cultural exchange roles. Whether for personal enrichment or professional growth, learning French offers a wealth of opportunities and global connections. La Forêt French Class stands out as a top pick for its experienced instructors, tailored courses, and small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is French in demand in India?

Yes, French is in demand in India due to its relevance in various sectors like IT, tourism, hospitality, and international trade. Many companies prefer candidates with French proficiency, creating opportunities for language learners.

Can I master French in 1 year?

Mastering French in one year is feasible with consistent practice, immersion, and structured learning. Courses with intensive schedules, immersive environments, and personalized instruction can accelerate your progress significantly.

Which course is best for the French language?

The best course for learning French depends on your goals, learning style, and schedule. Look for courses that offer comprehensive content, interactive learning methods, experienced instructors, and opportunities for practice and cultural immersion. La Forêt French class offers excellent French language courses known for their quality instruction, personalized approach, and immersive learning environment. Their courses are tailored to different proficiency levels making them a top choice for French learners.

What is the fastest way to learn French fluently?

The fastest way to learn French fluently involves regular practice, immersive experiences, focused study sessions. As well as language exchanges, using varied resources (like apps, books, and videos), and seeking opportunities to apply your skills in real-life situations.