Avoid these common mistakes while learning French. Follow these simple tricks while learning French language and become a confident French speaker.

Let’s face it—learning a new language is not a simple endeavour. When learning a new language, everyone makes mistakes.

Especially a language with as many rules, exceptions, and silent words as French. But surely everyone starts somewhere. As long as you learn from your mistakes, it’s absolutely acceptable to make them.

Here are the 6 common mistakes while learning French we all make.

1) Focusing too much on grammar

We all know that grammar is essential while learning a language but focusing too much on just that will make you fumble while speaking it. Why? Because every time you say a sentence, you are so busy framing the grammatically correct that you lose your rhythm. So, in brief, we should focus on grammar but only up to a point where it doesn’t hinder our fluency.

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2) Making textbooks the only medium to learn

This is the most common mistake we all make while learning a language. Aren’t we always told that books are the best source of knowledge? By all means, it’s true. But! We need not only to read and write a language but also to listen to and speak it. Although books can be quite helpful, they fall short when it comes to developing your speaking and listening skills. Internet, our forever best buddy, is here to save the day. Try watching the daily vlogs of the natives and listening to podcasts and the radio.

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3) Not starting with sounds                                           

French is all about those nasal sounds and yet we often neglect the sounds. Acing the sounds should be the very first step when learning French. It helps us to sound more like a native!

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4) Getting demotivated by your mistakes                        

Learning a language is a never-ending process! And making mistakes is a part of this process. These mistakes are a sign of improvement and should never demotivate you. The important thing is to learn something from them and make a note to not repeat them in the future.

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5) Not communicating in French with your friends        

Just like any musical instrument, a language can get better with daily practice. Limiting the studies to a desk is never an option. Try to talk in French with your friends and classmates whenever you get a chance! This way you will improve your speaking and listening skill. Moreover, you can correct each other’s French too!

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6) Not indulging in the culture                                          

A language is never limited to just writing or speaking. Gelling in with the culture of that particular language is equally important because often some sentences start making sense when you learn about its context, especially idiomatic expressions! Do not make your French boring, start indulging in the beautiful French culture and get to learn the language even better.

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7) Not making native friends                                          

Social media rules this generation! Have you made any friends as a result of your wide influence? If not, why are you still waiting? Making a native buddy online won’t hurt you; in fact, it’ll benefit you in a number of ways. You can learn about the slang, culture, and ways of communicating, and you can ask them to correct you when you make a mistake. Who knows, you might even run into them when you travel to France.

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In a nutshell, making mistakes while learning French is completely fine as long as you are learning something from them! Set small and achievable goals for yourself and celebrate your small wins. This will always motivate you to continue. Be proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and learning a new language!

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